ARB Summit Raw RSTB suit Toyota Hilux 2020 SR5

ARB Summit Raw RSTB suit Toyota Hilux 2020 SR5 with sensors and OE towbar

Design & Development

With the inclusion of rear parking sensors on the 2020 on Toyota Hilux a sensor compatible Summit Raw Rear Step Towbar (RSTB) has been developed to suit the Original Equipment (OE) towbar. The Summit Raw RSTB has been designed to offer a number of key design elements including two ARB Jack points and recessed mounting for trailer wiring plugs, reverse cameras, Anderson plugs and ARB air compressor outlet. Fitment of the 3614160 Summit Raw rear bar requires removal and refitting of the OE towbar assembly. Please note that whilst the towbar assembly is fitted by Toyota to the SR5, the tow bar tongue and wiring are separate Toyota accessories. To match Summit Bar, Side Steps and Side Rails, the powder coat finish of the beaver panels have been changed to matt black. 

Key Features

• Vehicle specific design for the wide body Toyota Hilux 2020 SR5 on with rear parking sensors

and OE towbar

• 60.3mm x 2.6mm ERW tubing use for main frame. Tubing finished in Integrit textured black

powder coat

• Two-piece beaver panels supplied in matt black powder coat

• Provision for mounting OE trailer plug wiring

• Provision for ARB air compressor outlet

• Provision for mounting ARB Trailer camera wiring

• Provision for 50amp Anderson plug

• Anodised silver extrusion featuring ridges for grip

• Retains OE license plate lights

• Provision for OE rear parking sensors in diffuser panels

• Flip down number plate bracket to allow access to factory spare wheel mechanism

• Guard for auto leveling headlight sensor. Compatible with Old Man Emu suspension relocation

• ARB Jack or mechanical jack points under 60.3mm tube

• Metaprep primer for additional corrosion resistance

• Weighs approximately 37kg including wings and all fasteners

Jack Points

Two ARB Jack or mechanical jack points are provided on the Hilux Summit Raw RSTB. Two points are located on the lower edge of the 60.3mm tube.

Parking Sensors Laser cut provision is provided in each diffuser panel of the 3614160 Summit RSTB for the Original Equipment rear parking sensors. OE parking sensors have been mapped and their performance closely replicated when fitted to the Summit RSTB.

The outer rear facing parking sensors are located approximately 125mm lower, 25mm forward and 157mm inboard, inner sensors are located approximately 111mm lower, 9mm forward and 70mm inboard than the OE condition.

When fitted with larger diameter tyres these parking sensor positions and hence range may also be affected. Further real-world testing has been conducted evaluating the operation of the sensors against such items as rubbish bins, parking bollards, wire fences, large rocks and step driveway entrances. Test results show that sensor performance is replicated as close as practical with the change in height of the sensors location.

Painting of parking sensors is not recommended due to the potential unknown effect on the operation of the sensors. 

Diffuser Panel

The lower edge of the Summit Raw RSTB is fitted with diffuser panels. A Vintage Silver powder coat finish is used on the diffuser


Anodised Step Extrusion

To complement ARB Summit Side Rails and Steps the same style silver anodised extruded aluminium section is used on the Summit Raw RSTB. The extrusion provides ridges for additional grip.

License Plate Holder

A fold down license plate holder is supplied to allow access to the original equipment spare wheel mechanism. To alleviate issues with the licence plate folding down when the vehicle is moving a 10mm spanner is included to enable a pinning bolt to be removed from the licence plate bracket.

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